New ways of learning

One of the biggest reasons for this journey is to give Frida and Moa, and ourselves, an opportunity to explore new ways of learning. Some subjects, such as the subject of Swedish, Frida and Moa will study through Sofia Distans, a company that offers Swedish elementary school online. They will just like in a regular Swedish school have a teacher as well me and Lena as supervisors. In addition to Sofia Distans Frida and Moa will also go to International Schools, not the least to pick up the English language. We will also homeschool and try to link the subjects and assignments to practical experiences, such as studying the ecosystem that a coral reef.

How well it works in practice and how well-prepared Frida and Moa are when they come back to Swedish school remains to see. We are though convinced that this year will give them new perspectives and experiences that they will benefit from throughout their lives. Having the will to continuous learn is important already today but it will most likely be even more important in the future. We do not claim to be experts in learning and schooling, but we have spent a lot of time researching schools and school systems around the world as well as different alternative ways of learning beyond traditional school environment. So, if you have any questions or want to share any ideas/thoughts on different ways of schooling please contact us.