Visas to paradise

The last couple of weeks we have run into some issues with our visas. The rules for obtaining resident and long-term visitor visas had obviously changed since we were in contact with the immigration office. It is definitely possible to get the right visa, but we would need to go through a lengthy, bureaucratic and potentially costly process. One of our main purposes with this year is to explore to what extent it is possible to be location independent while you are studying/doing research. So, to involve ourselves in this process would somewhat go against the WHY with this journey.

So therefore, we are now working out a new plan that most likely involves moving from Seychelles, at least sooner than expected, and that Frida and Moa are going to study more from home/online than what we first had planned. After having elaborated on different alternatives and for a couple of weeks now tried out to school from home/online we are pretty sure that not attending “normal school”, full time at least, will be a better option than what we first had planned.

Despite the visa trouble we really like Seychelles and have in a very short time built a good base for our studies/research and will most likely stay here at least a couple of months more before we move.



Seychelles giant tortoise

Frida flying a trainer kite

Mean green lizard