September rain

Talking and analyzing the weather seems to be very important for us Swedes/wildlings from north of the wall, so here comes our thoughts on the weather or actually the climate of Seychelles. Most likely the people in the Seychelles do not give a shit about the weather. Why should you when you can walk around in T-shirt, shorts and thongs all year around.  But still here comes our thoughts or maybe you should call it alternative facts: 

Well, Seychelles is very close to the equator so its warm all year around. If you want those picture perfect days you see on Internet and in travel broschures your best bet would be to come here in the transition months which is October/November and April/May. These are the months when the wind changes from south east to north west or the other way around which means there is a fair chance that the seas will be calm and the water clear more clear. 

December, January, February and March being the wettest months so maybe not the best time to plan your “on the beach wedding ceremony”. But the islands are very green all year around which means it also rains all year around so even if you are here in the dry season there could be days of constant rain.

If you are into sports like kiteboarding that requires a constant strong wind then June to September is your months because the south easterly trade winds are generally stronger than the trade winds from north west. If you come for scuba diving the transition months, (October/November and April/May) when the water is calm and the visibility is good, should be your pick.

But hey, even if it sometimes rains cats and dogs and its not one of those picture perfect days it will never be 2 degrees, constant rain for weeks and no sun for months!