Arriving in Seychelles

Now we have been in Seychelles a couple of weeks and are slowly starting to know our way around. Praslin, the island where we stay, is the second largest island in Seychelles with a population of 8000. Not surprisingly most of the people living here work in the tourist industry. Most of the hotels on the island are small and many are self-catering apartment/villa type of hotels. All the beaches on the island are open to the public and the hotels have no right to claim their own stretch of beach.

Pretty soon after arriving to Seychelles/Praslin we realized that the market for long term house rentals was almost non-existing. We were though extremely lucky and talked to the right people at the right time and found a three-bedroom house that matched our needs. We haven’t yet decided how long we will stay here. We’ll have to see how visa/immigration works out, if the schools are good etc. and of course if we generally like the place or not:-)