Making New Zealand our new base

New Zealand will now be our base for the coming 5-6 months. During our time in New Zealand we want to see as much as possible of the country so we have decided not to stay in just one location. The first months we will spend in Northland close to a town called Kerikeri. As usal the major part of the day will be spent studying but in the evenings and weekends we will explore us much as possible of the stunning Northland scenery. 

The first couple of days in NZ we spent in Auckland just to sort out some practical things like phone/internet subscriptions and not the least buying a car. Spending 5-6 months in NZ it will be much cheaper to buy than rent a car if you manage not to get a total mechanical breakdown, which we hope we don’t. Just a few minutes after we had bought our not so sexy but very practical Toyota family transporter we got a flat tyre. Good start:-) On with the spare tyre and to the nearest tyre repair shop. 45 minutes later, problem solved!


Tyre repair shop

Warm welcome

Picking avocado