Leaving Seychelles

Our initial plan was to stay a bit longer in the Seychelles than we did. But we decided to move when we realized that the visa we would require to stay for a longer period would cost a fortune. Our stay in Seychelles have though been great with Frida and Moa going to an International school in Praslin while studying at a Swedish school online. We already miss all the teachers and students that welcomed us with open arms.

But, instead of paying a fortune for a visa/permit we decided to spend the summer in New Zealand. New Zealand will be ideal for me and Lenas studies/research and also for Frida and Moa that will be able to improve their english skills. The first couple of months we will spend in Northland, close to Keri Keri. Most of the time will be spent studying but we will of course use not the least the weekends to explore Bay of Islands and other parts of Northland.