Exploring Northland

We found a great house in Northland, close to Kerikeri, where we will stay until Christmas. Our main focus the next few weeks will be on completing the our school/study assignments before the Christmas break. During January Frida and Moa will spend most of their time in English studies so we have to be a bit ahead with the Swedish school in order not the fall behind. We have though put a lot of effort in finding a good study technique which now seems to pay off. We still follow a daily schedule but we have modified it so that we have fewer subjects each day which have found to be more efficient that constantly switching between subjects.

For Lena and me the main problem has been that there are too many interesting areas and topics that we want to study/research and prioritization have been harder than we thought. Very much a luxury problem, yes we know:-) We have though now prioritized and selected the main topics/questions that we now spend most of our times with. 

We have tried to spend the time on the weekends wisely in order to see and experience as much as possible of  Northland and Bay os islands. We have so far managed to go sandboarding while visiting the (almost) northernmost point of New Zealand. Definitely well worth the two hour plus drive from Kerikeri.