Trying out digital nomadry

Think if we just could let go and try a different way to live, learn and see things. Now we are doing it!

We do not expect it to be easy but definitely worth it. There will for sure be many times when we will be in doubt and ask ourselves how we could be so stupid. But there will be also many times when we will ask ourselves why we have not done this earlier.

The plan
To open our minds and embrace future opportunities without letting experiences and knowledge from the past narrow our field of view. The coming year we will focus on and explore new ways of learning both for Lena, myself and for Frida and Moa. Lena and myself will study and do research in our respective areas of expertise while exploring new areas. Frida and Moa will try another school model from what they are used to. Yes, they will attend normal school (physical and online) but our ambition is to maximize the time spent learning from IRL experiences and connect the theoretical parts with practical assignments.

In the end of July we are leaving Sweden for Seychelles. We have yet not decided on how long we are going to stay there, time will tell…

We will update our blog both when we have good days but also on the bad ones so that you not the least can learn from our mistakes.

As far as anyone knows we’re a nice normal family
//The Rinne Family